About Us


A: To be one of the Best T-shirt Manufacturer for local markets.


B: To be one of the Leading T-shirt Manufacturer that distributes and supplies to

     Global Market.


C: To provide employment opportunities for the poor, the needy and the handicap’s welfare.



Our mission is to build a successful, viable & sustainable business in the Manufacturing and Distribution of T-Shirts (with & without collar) to both the Local and Global Markets and at the same time, to also provide Employment Opportunities for the Poor and Needy.

Our goal is to create our own growing brand into both local and global markets.



Friendly, Integrity, Enthusiastic, Caring, Results Oriented, Positive Attitudes, Committed, Dedicated, Motivated and Passionate.



A) Shalom Printing House is currently in the manufacturing and productions of good quality T-shirts in Cambodia using Silk Screen Printing Techniques.


B) Making sales and marketing our products through our network of Wholesalers who will then redistribute our products into the Cambodian local markets


C) Shalom Printing House will also be marketing its services of tailor-made T-shirts to local Cambodian Company, NGOs, Schools and Churches customized accordingly to their requirements and needs. (Corporate Sales).


D) We are also committed into making our Brands widely known locally and to supply, distribute and market our products into the International Market Arena.


This business has a very huge potential and has been very successful in the Cambodian’s local markets and shopping premises through our network of wholesalers. Our customers include wholesalers, NGOs, private companies, foreign companies, private schools, churches and many more to come.